The Jungle Book

The 45-minute ballet with a stunning small-ensemble score and crisply told story is an absolute charmer…. Everyone involved realized his or her creative charge with great invention.

Peter Dobrin,


In order to introduce ballet to younger audiences, Pennsylvania Ballet II chose to interpret Kipling’s familiar story through dance. This production was a collaboration between the Pennsylvania Ballet II, Curtis Institute of Music, and White Box Theatre. White Box Theatre provided set and puppet design, construction, object choreography, and dramaturgical support. The performance was live-streamed internationally, and has a five-year touring schedule.

Performance Stills

Production Stills


Jungle Book Performance from Sebastienne Mundheim on Vimeo.

Moments after the performance.

Venue Requirements

PA Ballet II has been touring this work. Please contact them for information on venue requirements.

In the Studio


Commissioning Organization: Pennsylvania Ballet II.
Choreographer: Colby Damon 
Set/Puppetry Designer/Builder and Puppetry Direction: Sebastienne Mundheim/White Box Theatre
Composer: John Hodges
Lighting Designer: John Hoey
Dancers: Pennsylvania Ballet II.
Studio Makers: Noelle McManus, Alicia Crosby, Anna DeCaria, Rebecca Schedl, Maitreyee Bagwhati, Watsuki Harrington, Melissa MacNair, Guna Mundheim.
Technical Assistance and Carpentry: Martin Lautz, Stephen Shuster, Mike Baker. 

Photos by Alexander Izilaey, Sebastienne Mundheim, and Theresa Stigale. Video by Sebastienne Mundheim.

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