Long Christmas Ride Home


In the fall of 2016, White Box Theatre/Sebastienne Mundheim was company/artist-in-residence at West Chester University for an adaptation of Paula Vogel’s play A Long Christmas Ride Home.  Mundheim and White Box Theatre studio-makers worked with West Chester students to design and build the set and puppets, workshop and coach puppetry, and attend all rehearsal s for puppetry direction and choreographic input. Mundheim received national recognition from the Kennedy Center for the Arts College Theater Festival for Distinguished Achievement in Puppetry Design and Direction and Distinguished Achievement in Overall Production.

Performance Stills

Production Stills


Venue Requirements

This show was performed in a small black box with 80 seats and in a 500 seat theater.

In the Studio


Director: Charlie DelMarcelle

Set/Puppetry Design and Build, Puppetry Coaching/Direction, Choreographic Consultant: Sebastienne Mundheim/White Box Theatre

Movement Coordinator: Maria Urrutia

Costume Designer: Constance Case

Lighting Designers: Julie Wunsch & Nate Hart

Composers: Meghan Reed & Michael Roman

Stage Manager: Julie Peterson

Dramaturge: Sarah Owens

Technical Director: Thomas Haughey

Production Manager: Martin Dallago

Cast: Charley Bloomfield, Maria Carroll, Teagan Edsell, Patrick Festa, Erika Flanick, Samantha Funk, Kyla Jacobs, Stacey Keba, Bobbie Lipscomb, Taylor Mattes, Meghan Reed, Caitlin Thompson, Paige Whitman

Assistants to the Scenic Designer: Charley Bloomfield, Maria Carroll, Anna DeCaria, Felipe Lassen, Melissa MacNair, Noelle McManus, Rebecca Schedl, Caitlin Thompson, Nicholas Wasileski, Paige Whitman

Assistant Costume Designers: Rosemary DeCree & Caitlin Thompson

Hair & Makeup Designers: Maria Carroll & Paige Whitman

Assistant Lighting Designer: Nate Hart

Assistant Stage Managers: Kiara Horsey & Hailey Lockner

Scene Shop Foreperson: James Scotland IV

Scenery Crew: Taylor Johnson, Madeline Snyder, Leka Ward & the THA104 Students

Costume Shop Supervisor: Susan Benitez

Wardrobe Head: Desiree Scott

Stitchers & Wardrobe Crew: Sierra Anderson, Maddie Hodges, Cat Olibrice, Ameerah Williams, Pat Festa

Master Electrician: Kyla Jacobs

Lighting Crew: James Hurley, Teagan Edsell, Jenna Wilder, Desiree Scott

Front of House Managers: Megan Fitzwater & Krysta Stefanosky

Publicity Staff: JaQuay Lundy, Bri Decerio, Justina Claggett, Christin Thomas, Sapphire Johnson

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