A Child’s Christmas In Wales

"Words cannot express the euphoria … returning theatre to its roots in storytelling, imagination, and making tangible the impossible."

- Examiner


The Lantern Theatre Company and White Box Theatre collaborated to make an original adaption of Dylan Thomas’s well-loved poem A Child’s Christmas in Wales.  Thomas’s playful smart language takes us through a Christmas day in Welsh seaside village through the eyes of a boy inviting us to join him as he relives his childhood: a larger-than-life world of imagination, myth, and wonder. United with Thomas’ comic prose Mundheim’s three-dimensional storybook (sculpture, puppetry and physical theatre) transports audiences of all ages, bringing this classic poem to life. Running time 60 minutes

"The language is enchanting and the poetry shines with an unearthly radiance."

- The New York Times


Video by Theresa Thao Nguyen

Video by Natural Light Films

" … captures all the warmth, nostalgia, and childlike wonder of the original, [poem] …”
“... enchanting theatrical vision."

- Phindie

Press Kit

Interviews on the making of “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”

"A Child's Christmas in Wales is a Christmas show for people… who love stage enchantment without cliché or trite sentimentality. Do yourself a favor and recapture some of the innocent magic of childhood as displayed by this wonderful piece of work."

- Broad Street Review


Production Stills

Venue Requirements

Proscenium or black box stage – One or two sided viewing
Audience Capacity – 250
Approx. 6 hour load-in, 4 hour load-out
Touring capacity: national & international


“A Child’s Christmas in Wales ” includes in-depth hands-on workshops in visual, literary, performing, and media arts. While the performance is a wonderful experience on its own, follow-up workshops allow viewers to explore the themes and concepts introduced in the performance in greater depth. Workshops can vary in length and number and can be tailored for teachers, students, performing arts groups, and topic-specific groups including: literature, sculpture, puppetry, movement, and storytelling.


Adaptation Co-Created by CharlesMacMahon/Lantern Theater Company and Sebastienne Mundheim/White Box Theatre

World Premiere Lantern Theater, Philadelphia

Poem by Dylan Thomas

Directed by Sebastienne Mundheim

Assistant Director: Kate Coots

Sound Design: Rob Kaplowitz

Lighting Design: Shon Causer

Costume Design: Jillian Keys

Cast/Collaborators: Amy Smith, Genevieve Perrier, Charlie Delmarcelle, Doug Hara.

Studio Makers:  Watsuki Harrington, Anna DeCaria, Dot Vile, Claire Pitts.

Special Thanks:  Whit MacLaughlin, Hassen Saker, Ingrid Boucher, Sara Labov, Jamie Labov.

Photos by Mark Garvin, Sebastienne Mundheim, and Kathryn Raines

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