Overview of Work

Commissions, Partnerships, Residencies

Through commissions and residencies, White Box Theatre engages in partnerships with universities, cultural organizations, museums, and schools in order to respond to questions and interpret communities, collections, and ideas. White Box Theatre uses an interdisciplinary  and  intergenerational methodology to research, response, and presentation that engages academics, content experts, artists, students, youth, and community members around questions worth asking. White Box Theatre will partner in all aspects of program production, including  grant writing, hiring, project management, project/performance creation, and implementation. White Box Theatre has a wide range of relationships with artists, universities, cultural organizations, and community groups to aid in the facilitation of program development and implementation.


In addition to creating full programming, White Box Theatre offers consultation, dramaturgy, development workshops, lectures, and presentations to individuals and organizations seeking to design and implement an interdisciplinary approach to research and inquiry into a creative process.

Interdisciplinary Performances/Installation

White Box Theatre creates performance and installation work combined with educational/community outreach programming. White Box Theatre can serve as either the primary Creator (performing all writing, direction, choreography design, and building) or as a Core Collaborator (partnering in dramaturgy, design, building, and choreography).


Take Apart Your Houses: Workshop 2019

In fall 2018, White Box Theatre was involved in the early stages of collaborative conversation with Maine-based artist Marty Pottenger, who was creating a performance about the climate crisis. As part of this project, I was asked to consider designing and building a life-sized North Atlantic Right Whale puppet. I mulled the challenge, studied the whale, and began to think about the construction of the body and its metaphoric, poetic potential. 

Gilgamesh: In Development, 2018

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology (The Penn Museum) commissioned White Box Theatre to make a multidisciplinary performance of the Epic of Gilgamesh to premiere in September of 2019 in Harrison Theater. Six weeks into the process, we shared the early part of our exploration, including puppetry, dance, and music, as part of a weekend-long celebration of the opening of the Middle East Galleries. 

ARKhive, 2013

A site-specific work commissioned by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania for the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts. 

Paris Wheels and the Ready-Maids, 2011

Commissioned by the Kimmel Center for Performing Arts.


Sea of Birds, 2008

Commissioned by the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival.


Currently Franklin, 2006

Commissioned by Franklin and Marshall College.


A Potable Joyce, 2004

Commissioned by the Rosenbach Museum and Library.


Core Collaborator


Long Christmas Ride Home, 2016

Commissioned by the West Chester University Theatre Arts Department. White Box Theatre designed and built the set and puppetry, provided puppetry coaching and direction, and consulted in choreography.

The Eumenides, 2016

A site-specific collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania’s Theatre Arts Department. White Box Theatre provided dramaturgical support and visual design, including costume, props, lighting, and choreography.

The Jungle Book, 2016

Commissioned by Pennsylvania Ballet II. White Box Theatre provided set and puppet design, construction, object choreography, and dramaturgical support.

Beauty and the Beast, 2015

Commissioned by the Arden Theatre Company. White Box Theatre created shadow puppets, contributed to object design, and provided light and shadow choreography.

A Child’s Christmas in Wales

Commissioned by the Lantern Theatre Company. White Box Theatre/Sebastienne Mundheim designed and built sets, puppets, and sculpture, and provided choreography, direction, and educational outreach.


Education/Interdisciplinary Engagement

Barnes Foundation: Navajo Textiles

Commissioned by the Barnes Foundation.

PA Performing Arts for Young Audiences

In 2014, PAPAYA engaged White Box Theatre to collaborate on the visioning of the organization and create interdisciplinary engagement and educational experiences.

Arthur Ross Gallery: University of Pennsylvania

For 20 years, White Box Theatre created education programming in conjunction with exhibitions at the Arthur Ross Gallery.

Additional Education Programs

Additional education programming in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New Orleans.


Internship/Roundtable Program

We provide intellectual and artistic engagement, college credit, resume building, and networking opportunities through civically minded artistic practice.
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Get Involved: Projects in the Works

We are always making new work and offering new internship, volunteer, and work opportunities. New projects coming soon.